The New Generation Wine Aerator

The New Generation Wine Aerator

The New Generation Wine Aerator


The Respirer is a wine aerator boosting five remarkable innovative design and functional features. Deemed “The New Generation Wine Aerator

New Respirer (pronounced “res-p-AIR”) wine aerator showcases with a distinctive yet timeless style designed to enhance any barware or kitchenware collection. Intended to compliment your collection, Respirer looks more like a port wine glass than a mechanical device.

Innovative design allows each wine enthusiast to simply place Respirer in the open wine bottle after use, preventing unsightly dripping. A common problem with any device used for transferring liquids, the unique bottle sized diffuser effortlessly fits down in the upper mouth of the open wine bottle allowing any entrapped wine to fall back into the wine bottle to be savored later.

Created with embedded Vortex Impedance Control (VIC) technology to pre-condition the wine, ensuring optimal aeration and preventing air vent spitting. “Our VIC technology clearly separates us from the competition. With this technology we’ve created a wine holding vessel that others cannot,” commented Will Priest, Chief Creative Officer and inventor of the Respirer wine aerator. “This is a clear demarcation that affords us unmatched freedom for our current as well as future designs. I fully expect others to attempt to follow suit and create similar technology, it’s that powerful.”

Respirer’s unmatched sleek design is individually crafted on a precision lathe, yielding a durable, high quality and lightweight aerator. “Other aerators are heavy to carry in my purse,” free form comment from a new Respirer owner. “The lightweight design makes it easier to carry to parties or to a restaurant.”

Finished with an elegant frosted look, each Respirer wine aerator is readily printable with unlimited custom logo designs for personalized or corporate needs. Each logo is precisely positioned and printed with a non-toxic two part epoxy ink for unmatched durability. Respirer is available both online and at select retail outlets. 

Respirer wine aerator is a remarkable value with an MSRP of $39.95 More about this “New Generation Wine Aerator” can be found on the link  ( )

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