The Perfect Wine Choice Made Easy

Do you find it hard to pick out the perfect wine for a special dinner or event? We have a checklist of particular things to look for in a good wine. This should help you make a great choice in your next wine purchase.

1. The Whites: When your guests first arrive and are enjoying the appetizers a white wine is always the perfect choice. They are commonly lighter and drier and leave the palate fresh for the main entree’. Some of the whites such as the Chardonnay can also be introduced during a rich dinner such as “Coq a Vin”, with its beautiful creamy wine sauce. Another suggestion is the Sauvignon Blanc that is excellent served with a first course salad or shrimp cocktail or even a plate of delicate fish.

The Cadillac of the whites would be a sparkling champagne. A good champagne would be served at only those very special events in one’s life.

2. Red Wines: A nice hearty red wine such as a Merlot or Burgundy would be perfect with an Italian meal or with grilled steak, pork or lamb. Serving a good red with a meal can actually help to enhance the dinner.

The Pinot Noir, while not as commonly served as a Merlot or Cabernet, is a unique blend of plum, vanilla and blackberry. Oregon produces Pinot Noir where the blackberries grow wild and are sweet and juicy. This wine will certainly be a hit.

The spiciness of the Shiraz would make it a great addition to a spicy Mexican dinner. It would enhance the flavors a make a simple meal of enchiladas and tacos seem elegant.

A Chianti is a perfect choice for a hearty lasagna or spaghetti dinner. You do not have to spend a lot to get a good Chianti. Who can resist those cute little bottles wrapped in the basket weave?

A robust Burgundy would be the red to choose for a fine standing rib roast or delicate filet mignon.

The main thing when hosting a dinner party is to have several choices in wines. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to wines. We have offered a few guidelines of which wines would compliment a particular meal. It is also fun to introduce your friends to a new and unusual wine they may not have tasted before.

You may enjoy making your own wine. You could start with one of the fruit wines. They are relatively easy to make and go great with desserts. Wouldn’t your guests be impressed. Visit a fruit wine making website for some recipes.

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