Aga Red – Balinese Red Wine

Aga Red – Balinese Red Wine

AGA Red is a young light red wine made from the local Alphonse-Lavallée grapes. This medium bodied wine is often associated with the genre Beaujolais-Nouveau. AGA Red takes its name from the word authentic or asli in the Balinese language.

Like many young red wines, AGA Red is delicious slightly chilled.  The wine presents a colour with cherry red impressions and tinges of purple. Complex aromas of berry and prune with flavours of black chocolate on the palate, reveal moderate tannins and a supportive finish. Very enjoyable before meals, AGA Red’s medium weight and astringency are best suited for spicy dishes and makes a great match with grilled meats.
AGA Red is recommended served slightly chilled at about 15 degrees.

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