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How To Know What Wine To Order In A Restaurant

It can be embarrassing if you are out on a date at a fancy restaurant and you don’t know the right wine to order, it’s even worse if you are out with another couple. Even though ordering a bottle of wine while dining out isn’t all that different than buying from a winery you do […]

The Step-By-Step Process Of Making French Wine

French wine is made in a special way that other countries just cannot seem to match. There is extra care put into a French wine and this thoughtful consideration adds something special to every single French wine on the market today. When making French wine the winemakers crush the grapes as soon as they get […]

Why A Wine Gift Is So Special

A wine gift is the perfect gift for those hard to shop for people in your life. Everyone, and I mean everyone is happy to receive a wine gift during the holidays. A wine gift is classy and it is full of lovely flavors to savor and the best part is that even if you […]

Wine Making For Beginners

If you are interested in wine making then you need to do a little homework before you get started. Wine making is not something that you can just plunge into and learn along the way, you need to do some research so that you know that you are not missing any vital wine making steps […]

Choosing Wine On A First Date

First dates are nerve wracking enough without having to worry about what wine to choose to impress your new friend! One of the great things about wine on a date is that one bottle is a defined amount, normally about five glasses. If shared equally it is unlikely that you will fall off your chair […]

How To Choose An Italian Wine

Wine connoisseurs regularly boast about their fine Italian wine collections and rightly so. Even if you’re not a connoisseur, by the end of this article you’ll be able to put your best Italian wine forward. Italy is best known for its Moscato, Barolo, Chianti, and Soave; but there are numerous varieties just waiting to be […]

The Perfect Wine Choice Made Easy

Do you find it hard to pick out the perfect wine for a special dinner or event? We have a checklist of particular things to look for in a good wine. This should help you make a great choice in your next wine purchase. 1. The Whites: When your guests first arrive and are enjoying […]

Organic wine for your health

When you hear the word “wine,” you obviously think of the alcoholic drink made of grapes that is regularly enjoyed with a meal or socially with friends. Wine can be classified according to its colour, its taste, its aroma or alcohol content, sugar content and the way it is prepared. Nowadays because people want to […]

How to Drink Wine like a Professional

Most people like to enjoy a glass of wine once in a while, but to other people, drinking wine is an art form and they take it very seriously. The following article will give you tips on how to drink, taste and serve wine professionally. All wine should be poured into a clear glass and […]