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Pino de Bali – White

Pino de Bali – White Aged in oak, the fortified wine is delicate with a warmth on the palate. The flavour is enhanced by raisin and woody overtones, along with orange peel and nutty aromas. Pinot White has a smooth finish yet not overly sweet. Pino de Bali makes for a delicious drink before dinner […]

Tunjung – Balinese White Wine

Tunjung – Balinese White Wine Tunjung sparkling wine comes from a grape variety identified as “Probolingo Biru”. The grapes are grown in the north east of Bali at the Hatten Wines vineyard.  This brut sparkling favorite has aromas of citrus peel and flowers, with a lingering scent of light creamy yeast.  The aromas and flavours […]

Aga White – Balinese White Wine

Aga White – Balinese White Wine Hatten Wines dry white is a delightful wine made from the Belgia grapes grown in Hatten Wines’ own vineyard on the North East of Bali. Fermentation is conducted at a low temperature in order to preserve the delicate lemon-lime flavours.  The wine is matured for over six months in […]

Some Of The Reasons Chardonnay Is A Favorite Among White Wines

Chardonnay wine is named for the Chardonnay grapes that are used to create it. These grapes originated in the Burgundy and Champagne regions of France but have adapted well to conditions all over the world. The ease of growing Chardonnay grapes have helped them to spread to many parts of the world. Chardonnay grapes are […]