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Online Wine Buying Guide

Sipping a glass of wine a day could boost our health benefit. With so many wine kinds at the market nowadays, it is hard to choose which one that suits our taste and personality. While maybe some research will give us some pictures about its characteristics, it would be really nice if we could go […]

Types of Wine Racks

Wine has been produced since long in history. The earliest one known was produced by natural fermenting of grape vine juice. Later, other types were introduced and they were made by fermenting fruit juices like apple, elderberry, barley and rice. The use of yeast in production of this drink helps to convert fruit sugars into […]

Wine Label Information

Most labels have the following information: 1. Name of winery 2. Appellation – Name of the wine growing region. 3. Name of the vineyard(s) 4. Varietal name – If there is no varietal name, the wine is probably a blend (cuvee). To be able to call a US wine by the vine grape variety, it […]

47 White Wine Varietals

47 white wine varietals Here is a list of vine varieties with a description of the white wines made from them. Variety Origin Description Aligoté French Poor man’s Burgundy. Pale, light, crisp wine. Not for ageing. Alvarinho Portugal Produces Vinho Verde, very crisp, light with a slight prickle. Auxerrois French Acidic, very dry and full-bodies, […]

Why are alcohol levels in wine higher today?

One of the hot topics of debate within the wine industry today relates to the overall increase in the alcohol levels of many wines. Wines that were commonly 12.5% alcohol twenty years ago, now routinely register 14.0%. It would be easy to dismiss this dramatic change in wine as yet another result of global warming, […]

Take Control Of The Wine List

Imagine this—you are seated at an upscale restaurant with one of your best clients and then handed a wine list thicker than a college textbook. You want to pick out the “perfect” wine to impress your client but everything looks like it is written in a foreign language. After only a few minutes the server […]

5 Secrets To Ordering A Great Bottle Of Wine Every Time

I have found that most people want to enjoy wine, but that many of them just feel frustrated and confused by all the jargon and pomp and circumstance. I believe learning about wine should be simple, without attitude and above all else, lots of fun! So here are my 5 secrets to ordering a great […]

Manolo Classic

It takes bags of bravery and a skilled chef (not to mention a healthy bank balance) to resurrect a failed restaurant. Les Oliviers opened in a flurry of hype a couple of years ago, resplendent in a landmark Georgian manor in the midst of much architectural (and culinary) mediocrity. With its eye-catching bold red and […]