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Sipping a glass of wine a day could boost our health benefit. With so many wine kinds at the market nowadays, it is hard to choose which one that suits our taste and personality. While maybe some research will give us some pictures about its characteristics, it would be really nice if we could go […]

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2009 Japan Wine Challenge Schedule

12th Japan wine Challenge Schedule 2009 Important Dates to Remember in 2009 Tuesday 14th – Thurday 16th July 2009 Japan Wine Challenge Tasting by Judges at Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo. Friday 17 July 2009 evening Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner at Grand Hyatt Tokyo. Source :


The New Generation Wine Aerator

  The Respirer is a wine aerator boosting five remarkable innovative design and functional features. Deemed “The New Generation Wine Aerator” New Respirer (pronounced “res-p-AIR”) wine aerator showcases with a distinctive yet timeless style designed to enhance any barware or kitchenware collection. Intended to compliment your collection, Respirer looks more like a port wine glass […]


Korea Wine Challenge 2009


Fun fact about Champagne

Fun fact about Champagne * The shallow champagne glass originated with Marie Antoinette. It was first formed from wax moulds made of her breasts! * Bubbles in Champagne were seen by early wine makers as a highly undesirable defect to be prevented. * There are roughly 44 million tiny bubbles in a bottle of sparkling […]